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Tango Pirates: The Band's name Tango Pirates is a term invented by the New York establishment in the 1920s, for the early blues and jazz musicians,
who were seen as a threat to the youth of the day, seducing them to the devil’s music, sex and drugs.

TANGO PIRATES: formed in London in 2011 by Danny Fury (Rogue Male, Lords of the New Church, Kill City Dragons, Vain, Dogs D'amour, Sham 69, etc...) and Vera Wild (Wild at Heart, Jelly) and joined by Dave Tregunna (Sham 69, The Wanderers, Lords of the New Church, Cherry Bombs, etc...) and Timo Kaltio (Arthur Cane, New York Dolls, Hanoi Rocks, Peckham Cowboys, etc...).
Later completed by Drummer Steve Grainger. Their first EP BACK ON TRACK was recorded in 2011. The launch finally came in 2012 to widely critical acclaim.

Veglam Magazine declared Tango Pirates: “The most exciting and energetic new band to come along in ages”!!!

...after which, a Video to the Song ''Monster in my DNA'' was filmed and released on You Tube.
The Band then toured successfully in the Uk and in Scandinavia, after which Steve Grainger and Timo Kaltio left the Band in order to pursue other projects.
Danny, Vera and Dave then went into a London Studio to record the follow up EP: "IN TRANSITION" (with different Guitarists on every Song) and released it in 2015.
Shortly after, Vera Wild left the Band as well and for a while there were UK Shows with a short lived line up, from which only Jack Flint emerged as a full and permanent Member.
Danny, Jack and Dave Tregunna (as a Guest) recorded the Bands third EP "DANGER ! - CHILDREN AT PLAY", and released it in 2016, followed by live shows all over the UK, as well as playing festivals abroad.
In 2017, the Band took a break and re-grouped at the end of the year with a new line up.
For the future, Tango Pirates will change strategy and release single songs as Downloads, accompanied by Videos.
Later on, these collected songs will be released on EP's or Albums again.

For 2018, the Band is planning to record and tour again and is at the moment looking for a professional Booking Agency.
A new song and Video will be released shortly. With the band’s song quality on a high standard and their strong and energetic live performances, the band is set to play to a wider audience.

Tango Pirates current line up:
Danny Fury: Lead & Backing Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Drums
Jack Flint: Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Backing & Lead Vocals
Save Blackjack: Bass
Marius Noskowiak: Drum

Danny Fury - Lead Vocals

After playing in several bands and touring Switzerland, France and Germany, as well as working as a session drummer at Munich’s legendary Musicland Studios, Danny moved to London in 1984 and never looked back.

With a musical legacy that covers three decades of rockn’n’roll history, Danny has played in several well known bands, such as Rogue Male, Lords of the New Church, Kill City Dragons, Vain, Dogs D’amour and Sham 69 amongst others.

During his time spent travelling and touring the world, he began to write about his life experiences and these songs became the reason for a role change in 1998, from drummer to fronting his own band WILD AT HEART.
In early 2010, Danny Fury moved back to London and started the Rock Band TANGO PIRATES in early 2011. The Band is meant to keep up the vision and attitude which Danny shared with Stiv Bators in The Lords of the New Church. Creating honest and from the heart Rock'n'Roll art.

To complete the perfect line up, he enlisted the help of former band colleague Dave Tregunna (Sham 69, Lords of the New Church, Kill City Dragons etc.) as well as his friends Timo Kaltio on lead guitar, Vera Wild on bass, and Steve Grainger on drums. he was a year and a half later replaced by Seb Frey.
After having played numerous gigs in the UK, a tour in Scandinavia, after having recorded the EP Back On Track as well as filmed a video to the song "Monster in my DNA", this first line up ran it’s course.
The split was mostly down to band members taking on too many other projects. This was in contrast with Danny’s own complete commitment and restricted band activities severely.
It was during this time that Danny recorded the follow up EP to Back On Track, with Vera Wild and other friends. The EP was named In Transition.
A new partner was found in Jack Flint in late 2014 and the new line up played it’s first show on Dec 12th that year.
Danny released In Transition in February 2015 and went to work with Jack and Dave Tregunna (guesting on bass) recording the 3rd EP "Danger! Children at play" which was released in early 2016. The rest of the year saw the band touring.
In 2017, Tango Pirates took a break from activities which Danny used to play drums and tour with the legendary London band Dirty Strangers.
At the end of the year, TANGO PIRATES regrouped in a new line up.
The band is currently working on a video and planning shows around the UK and Europe, all set to play to a wider audience.

We’re looking for a professional booking agency, interested in a long term relationship, in order to conquer Europe!

Jack Flint - Guitars

Guitarist/songwriter who joined The Tango Pirates in September 2014.

Prior to this Jack had been writing and performing his own songs in Europe and London.
After a chance meeting with Danny Fury, the two found that they gelled well musically together and shared a similar vision.
Jack has been playing live and writing new material with Danny ever since.

Interesting fact: Jack narrowly escaped death in a house fire in 2003. He deeply cut the inside of his left arm trying to escape through a small smashed bedroom window. This could have left him unable to play guitar. The house was almost burned down completely, but miraculously Jack's guitar survived, albeit burnt and melted, it still worked.

Save Blackjack - Bass

He’s was born in Italy but he started very soon to live abroad (mainly Europe, New York-US, London-UK) playing with several rock band with worldwide exposition.
He started his professional career played successfully in the 80’s in a band named “Steeplejack” that is one of the first rock-psychedelic bands in Europe, recording several albums & achieving important top-hit results.

From there, his name was joined to other high-end level bands and mainly focused on Hard Rock & Glam music during the years.
He’s a lover '80/'90’s, particularly bands from America & Europe including Hard Rock, Glam Rock, Hair Metal, Melodic Metal, A.O.R. (Album Oriented Rock).

He counts many collaborations during the years with important musicians around the world, and touring bands, overall C.O.D.E., Chimera, Neropaco, Oxidiana, Mean Machine, Indiraa, Sweet Surrender, Emil Bandera (DeathSS lead guitarist) and others.

With this iconic and legendary band “Tango Pirates” he's continuing his rock bass playing career, following 30+ years of touring experience.

Full info about him here:

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Marius Noskowiak - Drum


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